Art in the City is made wonderful by our dedicated volunteer planning committee!

Art in the City Event Co-Chairs
Jack Foley
Robin Foley

Art Committee Co-Chairs
Norman Ringdahl

Planning Committee Members
Jay Brenner
Michael Cozzolino
Ann DeBiasio

Darlene ​DiTommaso

Monica E. Lowell
Peter J. Martin, Esq.

Janice MorganJones
Paula Rosenblum

Tom Saupe
Birgit Straehle
Anna Whitted

Honorary Planning Committee Members
Senator Harriette L. Chandler
State Representative Mary S. Keefe
Congressman Jim McGovern
Senator Michael O. Moore

FHCW Staff

Louis Brady, President/CEO

Lindsay MacPhail
Heather Olson

Daniel Sherman
Noreen Johnson Smith
Amy Walsh

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